Angel Kindergarten

“Mr. Hensel presented the situation of early childhood education in Germany, as well as scientific approaches and their application in everyday life. He introduced our educators to the international view of pedagogy and deepened the knowledge of all attendees. This rare opportunity could also be used to ask questions, and Mr. Hensel answered each question patiently and competently. Regardless of whether Mr. Hensel spoke about “starting with the child’s interests” or “respecting children’, these approaches should be universally applied anywhere in the world.”

National Taipei University of Education

“Mr. Hensel’s presentations enable future educators to get to know early childhood education at the international level, and to learn about the latest developments and new approaches. Children can only benefit from the integration of this knowledge in everyday childcare practices.”

International Angel Kindergarten Emeishan

“As part of a regional management meeting, we invited Stefan Hensel to a talk with panel discussion. The attending childcare managers all agreed: Thank you for the professional exchange, we look forward to welcoming you back!”

Shunde Daliang Sunshine Kindergarten

“Thank you very much for the rare opportunity of a guest lecture for our parents! The parents got to know many aspects of German child education and you answered all their education questions in a friendly and competent manner. Thank you also for the excellent communication and smooth organization beforehand. We hope to welcome you again in the future!”

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

“We will never forget our unique and exceptional experience with Mr. Stefan Hensel. Learning from each other means growing together. We sincerely hope to foster a pleasant cooperation with him and to see him again soon!”