The German educational model–
presentations and discussion events for kindergartens, educators, and parents

My name is Stefan Hensel. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to present on educational issues at various events. Topics included kindergartens in Europe, the German education system, and new ideas for sustainable and innovative education. After completing my diploma in education with a focus on early childhood education and management of educational institutions, I personally set up ten kindergartens in Hamburg and went on to support and consult countless childcare centres from planning to implementation and beyond. For several years now, I have been traveling regularly to conferences and discussion events in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Since China has started in-depth discussions about the German and American education models, especially in the field of early education and mutual sponsorships have been on the increase, I have received many requests from kindergartens and educational institutions to share my experiences with educators, parents, and facility leaders, as well as government officials. For this reason, I travel to China several times a year to act on these invitations.

In addition to presenting scientific findings and my personal experiences, I find directly engaging with the participants and visiting local kindergartens very important and informative.

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Foto: Arne Weychardt (change - das Magazin der Bertelsmann Stiftung)